Loyal German Shep​herds​

Our Breeders

 Vader von der Foust ​

V​ader is our wonderful stud. he is young but has an exceptional bloodline. His grandsire Mitch was a retired Michigan State police dog.  Mitch's sire was the number one Police dog in the US for seven years in a row.  Vader's bloodline can be traced all the way back to the Rin tin tin line.

Timber Von der Foust

Timber is an exceptional female who is not only beautiful but a great mother to her pups. She is very intelligent as well. She has been bred to Vader and their pups are due around the 11th of April 2022. The pups would then be ready for their forever home on June 10th. 

We are receiving many calls so act fast if you want one. 

 If you are interested please go to our contact page and contact us.


This is The 12 week old pup from this litter, we call him Radar. 

He is is getting big fast, is about 25 lbs now. 

He's gonna be a big boy. He is intelligent and very sweet, still likes to cuddle and sit in  my lap. He loves all people and other dogs, and has an temperament to please his human. I know he will make a wonderful companion for a family.