Loyal German Shep​herds​

About Us​​​​​​

Loyal German Shepherds has been breeding these wonderful dogs for over seventeen years. We take a lot of pride in our dogs and their offspring. Our German Shepherds are from the Czechoslovakian and German Working bloodlines. 

Our philosophy for raising our dogs is based on our love for the breed. 

Our goal is to continually improve the breed standards of our bloodlines. Our dogs are all AKC registered therefore the puppies are also. Here at Loyal German Shepherds we breed for Quality, Intelligence, Temperament and beauty. 

Our Breeding Program​


We guarantee that you will be buying a healthy puppy. We make sure they are free of parasites and have their puppy shots. We also have them vet checked before leaving our care. 


The temperament of each puppy is a little different, but we strive to bring out the best in each one.

Our puppies naturally seem to want to please their humans. They know when they are loved. 


German Shepherds are considered one of the more intelligent dogs.  We strive to keep this a high standard in our program. Training seems to come natural to them so we begin early.


Loyal German Shepherds knows that a healthy dog is a beautiful dog. We have litters of combinations of colors and sizes. Many of our puppies are solid black, black and tan without the saddle, black and red and bi-color. (See the explanation below) We specialize in the solid black shepherds but are very pleased with the other colors as well. Beauty is just one trait that makes for a great dog.

Prince Valiant

At 3 months old

Loyal German Shepherds has a variety of coloration's in our dogs.

These color classifications were set up by the American Kennel Club.We have Bear who is in the first picture who is solid black. Sometimes a solid black will have a small white spot on their chest. Then in the next picture is Shiloh who is a Black and Red. These are mostly black with red on different parts of their body and some white and tan on underside.

In the third picture we have Timber who is a black and tan without the saddle. The saddle is what you would see on the show dogs who are mostly tan with a black saddle across their back. 

The last picture is of Kayla who is what is called a bi-color. She is all black except for tan on her legs with black painted toes and or a stripe of black down her leg. As you can see they are all beautiful dogs.

Training and Socialization​

Our training is based on patience and love. We believe that positive reinforcement goes a long way.  Therefore, they get lots of affection and treats. We concentrate on the basic commands of sit, come, stay and no bite, then later we may add a few more such as fetch and leash training.

We also try to socialize our pups in many ways such as: 

meeting new and different people of all ages 

playing with other dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes.

Traveling in a car, swimming, going to crowded places, experiencing house noises, outside noises, other animals and anything that will make them a well rounded dog.

Your New Family Member​​

We strive to make sure you take home the best puppy for you and your family. We evaluate your circumstances and desires in a companion dog and match that with the puppy that would best suit your life style. But of course you are free to choose the one you want. We provide you with a sales contract, a health guarantee, health records, the AKC paperwork, and a litter pedigree certificate. We take non-refundable deposits of $100, to guarantee you the pup you desire. Visitation is by appointment and welcomed.